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Hayley Murphy, PT

Physical Therapist

Hayley completed her education at Sacred Heart University where she studied Exercise Science as an undergraduate and immediately continued on to pursue her doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. Shortly thereafter she worked and studied among experts in the field of osteopathic manual medicine where she grew a love for treating the whole person and using the gift of manual therapy to aid in the healing process of her patients. Since then, she has also taken time to devote her life to the Lord in the work of mission/evangelization as a FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) missionary which has strengthened her appreciation for the spiritual component of everyone's healing journey. Hayley enjoys learning about the human person, how we are all created beautifully and uniquely, and especially loves learning this through every patient she works with. She sees this work as an art that integrates not only the structure and functional elements of the body but also the spiritual, emotional and physical dimensions of the person to help express the truest form of each individual. Using a variety of intervention techniques that include manual therapy, functional exercise, breathwork, postural/body mechanic re-education and listening, Hayley strives to help each person live at their highest potential. Outside of this work, she enjoys the art of natural living and spending time with her husband and daughter, watching movies, cooking good food, laughing and enjoying the adventures of life together!

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