Hayley Murphy, DPT

Physical Therapist

Hayley graduated from Sacred Heart University where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and continued on to pursue her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She has worked in outpatient rehab and has undergone extensive post-grad education/training in manual therapy. She has worked with patients with a wide range of diagnoses and has found that everyone is different, has their own story and experience, making every encounter an opportunity to learn. Faith being an important part of her life, and after having spent the 2 years as a missionary, she has learned that there is more to every human being than meets the eye. Her formation has provided her with an appreciation for a holistic approach to treatment, a passion for accompanying people in their healing processes and personally strives to carry out her own health in a way consistent with this whole-person approach. She loves cooking/baking and learning about healthy eating and natural living. She is heavily involved in her Church ministry and finds creating art to be a lifelong passion of hers as well. When she is not here, she is probably visiting home in CT to spend time with her family including her nieces and nephews whom she adores!